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Katla Hygge Paper Star Lantern

Katla Hygge Paper Star Lantern


What better way to introduce some hyggelig light into a room, setting, party, celebration or wedding.


This star reminds us of volcanos erupting and then cooling on a snowy landscape, leaving black lava flows across the white snow.  We have named it Katla after a large an active volcano in Iceland.  The Katla volcano is situated in Southern Iceland and last erupted in 2011.  Currently this is the quietest it has been in known history and there is between 200-700 metres of ice in its crater.  It has been rumbling and grumbling since 1999 and geologists monitor it closely, with an expectation that the next eruption will be in the near future.


Volcanos feature widely in Norse mythology after the Vikings migrated from Scandinavia to Iceland where indigenous Icelandic theory revolved around the activities of the fire-demon Surtr and the gods Odin and Thor.


We love this star. Simplistic in its design but yet so quietly majestic.


You will be the envy of friends and family with these fabulous star lanterns that are uniquely made using a traditional printing frame and dyes that vegetable based.  The holes are hand punched and these holes release a unique light effect against a wall, ceiling or fill your room with twinkle and sparkle.


The stars come flat packed with instruction on how to assemble.  They require a light source but please ensure you only use LED bulbs up to 7 watts or low energy light bulbs up to 16 watts. LED fairy lights can also be used providing they conform to the appropriate standards.


Please ensure the bulbs do not touch the star when lit and ensure that you do not leave the stars lit for prolonged periods of time.  Do not use near any time of naked flame and ensure that you always use an approved and safe electrical source


I hope you love these stars as much as I do and use them to fill your home or event with an adorable and beautiful hygge light.


  • Assembly

    Assembly instructions are included with each starlight.  Each starlight comes flat packed.


  • Description

    Paper weight: 170 GSM

    Star Point length: 30cm

    Number of star points: 7

    Total star size: 60cm x 60cm

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